About byondsec

Pioneering cybersecurity at sea

We really understand maritime cybersecurity,
we invest in research and development to ensure that we are always at the forefront.

A company founded with the directive of providing custom solutions for maritime operators to have visibility over their remote assets and gain assurance of cyber compliance onboard-both by device and crew members.
At Byondsec, we really understand maritime cybersecurity and acknowledge limitations faced and prospect of a cyber attack on a ship out at sea and the resulting turmoil, with keen focus on remote management and monitoring- along with our partners, we developed focused security solutions.

The team


Byondsec, founded and led by a hacker turned sailor who actively engaged in vessel’s navigation and critical operations, acknowledged the importance of implementing cybersecurity strategies onboard and having experience in both domains-maritime & cybersecurity,
built up the byondsec team with sheer selective strategy among his network of cybersecurity experts and researchers, the team is well edified on how the maritime sector works and what actually happens on vessel’s out at sea including operations while at port and sailing.

Closely analyzing possibility and snags of cybersecurity challenges faced on a ship out at sea, in the wake of consultation with professionals among both domains-maritime and cybersecurity,
The byondsec team along with other security partners developed custom cybersecurity solutions with keen focus on industry specific challenges. We built our solutions to ensure cybersecurity and cyber compliance at sea by open interaction with maritime operators and cybersecurity professionals keeping focus on key aspects.

Your intimate digital ally

Not limited to cybersecurity solutions, byondsec offers 24×7 professional IT support for the vessel and maritime operators incase of any technical snags, the the byondsec team is well equipped with quick remote solutions.

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