Cybersecurity at sea

At byondsec, we combine the power of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Eagle-eyed monitoring strategy to help maritime operators gain visibility over vessel's cyber space and security compliance.


Simplified Management

Powerful dashboard hand-tailored for ease to monitor real-time status of security events onboard.


Active Monitoring

Elite and vigilant team of byondsec to actively monitor and protect vessel's cyber space & ensure cyber compliance by crew.

AI-Powered Security

We use artificial intelligence to detect and respond to both known and unknown threats.

Ships may seem like unusual targets for cyber-attacks. But with digitilizations taking over complex communication and operations onboard, hackers have a new playground that’s ripe for attack.”

byondsec Solutions

Central Management

Monitor and manage your vessel's cyber space from a easy-to-use dashboard.

24x7 Monitoring

Elite team at byondsec monitor and reviews your vessel's cyber space 24x7.

Remote Detection

On-time detection and remedial of cyber threats arising onboard powered by AI.

Advisory & Support

Helping you gain assurance of cyber security compliance onboard with custom solutions.

Take over the control with us.

byondsec protects your remote assets 24x7 - So you don't have to.

byondsec Management Console

From a single console, review security status and health of all your vessels. Schedule routine checkup and scans and gain visibility of vessel’s cyber space-if both crew and machines are complying with cyber security policies.

We use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to detect and act-on instantly for both known and unknown threats.

For Windows environments, paying ransomware is no longer a requirement-we got your back, Instant detection and rollback of Ransomware attacks, so that all the parties-vessel, charterers, owner and managers and safe from attack.

With powerful cloud-based capabilities like anomaly detection and suspicious activity monitoring, byondsec rapidly detect and eliminate zero-day cyberthreats.

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